The Fivestar Training mobile app features Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney and U.S. National Team’s Alex Morgan, delivering a series of video soccer programs that are designed to help players of all ages and skill levels improve their technique and increase overall fitness level. Each program consists of 5 full 40-60 minute workouts with accompanying tracking tools and premium content.

Revolutionizing the way young athletes learn and train

Making the world’s most accomplished athletes and trainers affordable and accessible to all. Anyone. Any time. Anywhere.

Any time, Anywhere

World-class training wherever you are. Fivestar Training programs are simple, affordable, and always available on your iOS mobile device.

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Programs & workouts

All Fivestar Training programs are designed and demonstrated by the world’s most accomplished trainers, performance experts, and athletes. Soccer stars Wayne Rooney and Alex Morgan guide you through one-of-a-kind training sessions. Basketball and lacrosse programs will follow.

My Training Stats

The Fivestar Training app gives you an easy way to demonstrate commitment to your sport. Track your performance and progress, and discover where you need to improve. And, of course, celebrate your achievements.

1 v 1 Challenges

Think you’ve got what it takes? Prove it. Go one-on-one with the pros. Compare your skills with the world’s greatest athletes in side-by-side video match-ups, then share your results.

"I’ve always enjoyed helping young players learn the game and get better. Through Fivestar Training, I’m able to help footballers around the world. It’s great for young kids to challenge themselves against someone they see play on TV. When I was younger, that’s something I would have loved to do."

− Wayne Rooney, Manchester United

"I embrace the opportunity to inspire young players to celebrate the game of soccer and live active and healthy lives. The Fivestar Soccer Training Program will help grow their love for the game from their mobile devices anywhere and at any time."

− Alex Morgan, U.S. National Team

"Fivestar Training is a revolutionary way for young players to hone their skills and become better soccer players on their own time. Individual training and development has become a lost priority, and Fivestar has brought it back to the forefront. I fully expect that future generations of my players will have grown up using Fivestar Training."

− Sasho Cirovski, University of Maryland Soccer Coach