Mobile gaming can be entertaining AND meaningful. GGI helps those in need around the world through entertaining and inspiring mobile games that contribute 50% of the proceeds from game purchases and in-app transactions to making a difference in peoples lives.


Rebrand and Relaunch

The Global Gaming Initiative is taking a new step forward as it releases more games and adds new partners to the roster of game-changing influencers.


Sidekick Cycle

Sidekick Cycle is a mobile gaming app that aims to raise awareness of the positive impact bikes can make in impoverished communities. A bike can make sure a kid attends school every day, as well as provide daily healthy activity. Global Gaming Initiative’s mission is to connect communities to make a difference.

Outbreak Responder

Outbreak Responder is iOS and Android game that challenges
you to stop malaria outbreaks in a number of villages and towns.
More than just engaging game play, we hope to draw attention
to the malaria epidemic that claims around 1 million lives a year.
Download the game to directly help people
who suffer from malaria. Coming soon.


Winning Kick

Winning Kick, a single-player, free-to-play soccer game for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets that benefits Charity Ball. Can you win the match with 30 seconds left on the clock? Play Winning Kick and help deliver REAL soccer balls to disadvantaged children around the world!

GGI Partners

"Sidekick Cycle is a different approach to gamification for charity, as Sidekick Cycle exists as a game with good mechanics first and a teaching tool second."


"Global Gaming Initiative's Sidekick Cycle is fun and free game that aims to make a difference in the real world — something most games can't claim."