NFL star Troy Polamalu teamed up with Head & Shoulders to benefit our nation’s heroes around Veteran’s Day. Troy agreed to cut his hair for the VFW in what became a nationally recognized event “The VFW Mane Event,” hosted at the NFL Steelers’ Heinz Field and garnering unprecedented primetime media coverage as well as digital and mobile fan participation.

Creating a Movement

Thousands of fans joined together to support our nation’s veterans by engaging with the campaign’s social fundraising platform, and having access to premier content and event-driven digital experiences.

Making Change on the Go

Fans were able to raise money by pledging to cut their hair just like NFL star Troy Polamalu, or by daring friends and family to pledge their locks as well, all within a mobile experience that was by their side the entire step of the way.

Branded Inspiration

Head & Shoulders partnered with Troy Polamalu and the VFW to offer creative haircut ideas to help people get started.

The Mane Event in Motion

Our veterans need your help. Take a pledge to cut your hair this Veterans Day – November 11th. Gather support from your friends and family and raise money for our veterans and the work of the VFW.

Campaign Partners

"My hair gets a lot of attention, and by cutting it after more than ten years, it is my hope that I can help bring to light the fate of our country's veterans."

− Troy Polamalu - Strong Safety, Pittsburgh Steelers

"November has recently transformed into "Movember," the month for growing mustaches to raise money for fighting prostate cancer. Now, for those who aren't interested in the shaggy look -- or who might be "follicly" challenged -- there's another way to help another good cause: by cutting your locks."

− Tricia Escebedo,


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