Just Our Class is a private and secure web application for parents to interact with other parents during a school year. Parents can share family photos, events, and traditions and integrate their children into the world of social networking. The site also serves as a great classroom resource, with reminders and sign-ups all in one place.

Share family photos, events, and traditions

Parents can create their family page and get to know other families from their child’s classroom, like an online “Family Share Day.” You can share a little or share a lot — every family’s different and that’s okay! You can also post photos that show your family history, traditions, or just plain family fun.

Acts like training wheels for social networking

Just Our Class is for parents, but parents can also enjoy the site with their children if they like. It’s a great way to impart your family values when sharing and commenting, so your kids are ready when it’s their turn to join social media sites.

Classroom resources, reminders, and sign-ups all in one place

A classroom parent or teacher invites parents and oversees Just Our Class for your classroom. Managing parent communication and involvement is a breeze with Just Our Class!

Just Our Class