Smart Tap provides bottle-filing stations with drinking water fountains to cities free of charge, making the safe, clean and healthy municipal drinking water supply more accessible. With partners like UBS, the City of New York, and the Nature Conservancy, Smart Tap is a solution recognized by all as an obvious necessity.

Responsive and Refreshing

Smart Tap’s new cross-device web presence helps promote their mission to create environmentally sound solutions to ensure municipal tap water is more accessible in cities, schools and parks around the world.

Infographic Impact

Smart Tap’s impact is now a story told through recognizable art. In utilizing state-of-the-art bottle-filling stations to promote the use of refillable water bottles in order to reduce plastic waste, Smart Tap fulfills its mission. Working with local municipalities, parks, and government agencies, Smart Tap is able to install bottle-filling stations in locations where they will have the most positive impact on the community.


Michelle Recognizes Smart Tap

Smart Tap is a proud supporter of a landmark effort launched by the Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA), which works with the private sector and PHA Honorary Chair First Lady Michelle Obama to make the healthy choice the easy choice for busy parents and families.

Partners of the Movement