Mount Sinai Hospital’s new Parenting Center, with support from the Bezos Family Foundation, aims to transform pediatric healthcare by training healthcare providers and conducting research to advance scientific knowledge.

Utility partnered with Mount Sinai and the Bezos Foundation to design and develop a new digital portal for both medical residents and new parents, as well a brand new E-Learning system to serve more than 3 hours of animated educational content.

Staying connected from anywhere,
Giving and supporting the mission.

A digital information center,
Built by doctors, for doctors

Parenting Guide for Parents,
Instructional content for Residents.

A parent's comprehensive playbook,
Interactive guides for all situations.

DirectorMount Sinai Parenting Center

“They were not the cheapest option at all (although not the most expensive either), but they were the most capable of handling the wide range of digital work we were going to need over time.”