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Founded by the ultra-successful film studio Happy Madison Productions, UrLife captures your life’s moments and turns them into professional-grade video trailers, handmade and Hollywood level.

Utility partnered with UrLife to design and build out all mobile apps and web platforms, allowing users to manage heavy media streaming, create their own person trailers, and collaborate with Hollywood editors in real-time.

Start your journey,
On your way to stardom.

Easy access to all your media,
Send it straight to Hollywood.

Add friends and family,
Collaborate on your masterpiece.

Your most important memories,
Directed by you and yours.

Produced by Hollywood.
Preserved forever.

Release your personal trailer,
Invite the world to see.

Ryan HagenbergerPresident, UrLife Media

“The other developers we spoke to tried to tell us how our product needed to fit in the space. Utility really listened to what we were going for and tried to make the space fit with our product.”