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Verizon’s presence at the Mobile World Congress event included days of seminars, meetups and showcasing of the latest company achievement and products.

Utility partnered with Verizon to design and develop all digital applications and experiences, including event information, ticketing and registration, mobile check-ins and sales team meeting management.

Seamless mobile registration,
Session signup and management.

Digital event playbook,
Daily schedules and itineraries.

Complex, multi-site booking tools,
Innovative experiences and tours.

Dan RozgonyDirector, Verizon at Mobile World Congress (Civic)

“Their ability to jump in and get the job done right under a tight deadline with many moving variables is impressive. Things change and information comes in late, so we oftentimes have to work very hard to execute accurately and quickly. Utility did a great job of staying by our side throughout the entire process.”